True Jew

I’m not sure how the “chosen people” aspect fits in. There is definite genetic evidence of Jews having a higher IQ but that  may be attributable to survival of the fittest.

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What’s a “True Jew”?

I’ve been working for the past year or so on a new book called “True Jew”.  In my book I explore the historic development of the Jewish personality and character throughout the diaspora in an effort to determine what is a True Jew in the twenty first century?

I plan to begin my book by quoting as many opinions as possible from as many sources as possible on what you consider to be the characteristics and personality of today’s “True Jew”. Please write a paragraph on this blog. I would appreciate whatever opinions I can get. It also would be very interesting to see what sort of discussion ensues.

I would like to include a paragraph or a few sentences from as many people as possible in my book and I would appreciate your thoughts.

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