What’s a “True Jew”?

I’ve been working for the past year or so on a new book called “True Jew”.  In my book I explore the historic development of the Jewish personality and character throughout the diaspora in an effort to determine what is a True Jew in the twenty first century?

I plan to begin my book by quoting as many opinions as possible from as many sources as possible on what you consider to be the characteristics and personality of today’s “True Jew”. Please write a paragraph on this blog. I would appreciate whatever opinions I can get. It also would be very interesting to see what sort of discussion ensues.

I would like to include a paragraph or a few sentences from as many people as possible in my book and I would appreciate your thoughts.

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3 Responses to What’s a “True Jew”?

  1. Rabbi Ziona says:

    A True Jew is a very interesting term, as Truth is a question of an jubjective opinion.
    You are right to think on taking a survey on these opinions out there.

    To me, anyone who was born into the Jewish faith, or has at least one Jewish parents has a membership in the club of the Jewish People. But as in any other club, there are rules and guidlines to follow. If you do not “obey” you can be denied of this membership.
    Mentioning this metaphore means that anyone who is genetically Jewish does not get an automatic membership unless they follow practical prescribed ways. A Jewish person who is unethical and unjust, who does not care about humanity and is selfish cannot be, in my mind a Tues Jew, but still be Jewish.

  2. Conrad Nadell says:

    Asking what is a “true Jew” as opposed to a “plain” Jew brings up personal biases and values. You will probably get as many opinions as the number of people you ask. To my mind a “plain” Jew is basically a member of the tribe. They identify with the Jewish people and share Jewish values and culture. A “true Jew” goes further. They belong to a synagogue which they attend more than twice a year. They support Jewish charities, are concerned with events in Israel and will speak up for Jews and Israel whenever attacked.

  3. Danielle says:

    Jews are very talented people. Sadly, most of them were condemned and killed especially during the Holocaust. As God’s Chosen People, Jews are gifted with intelligence and skills.

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